Gold Band Oysters Will Work For Food Video - Oyster Cut

The Farm

Motivatit’s natural oyster farm currently consists of nearly 10,000 acres. It stretches from Grand Isle easterly to Freshwater Bayou westerly. Each lease is carefully plotted along this 200 mile expanse of Louisiana coastline. The farm takes in sections of bayous, passes, lakes, bays and the Gulf of Mexico. As we developed the farm we intentionally spread it out in order to eliminate the possibility of experiencing a 100% mortality of the oysters due to a catastrophic event such as Hurricane Katrina, a Mississippi River flood, or an extreme oil spill, such as ‘The Deepwater Horizon’ disaster. Besides our farm, we have access to designated public oyster areas established all along Louisiana’s bountiful shoreline.

Our Fleet and Our Process

Our Fleet and Processing facilities are the life blood of our organization. Motivatit’s fleet consists of 15 to 20 boats ranging in length from 20′ to 80′. The processing facilities employ 30 to 50 workers. Since 1971, we have been harvesting and processing Louisiana’s oysters. We are truly blessed with an amazing crew and an incredible environment which we hope to sustain for many generations to come!

In the video above, you can see how hard the work is to get the delicious oysters to your in a segment produced by the Food Network – “Will Work for Food” hosted by Adam Gertler.

Opening Day of the 1976 Season

Motivatit’s Pan American