HPP is a non-thermal, antimicrobial process. It is an all-natural and environmentally friendly technology ideal for many seafood products, including Gold Band Oysters. For oysters, High Pressure Processing (HPP) was discovered in 1998 by our research team including Ernest Voisin, Elgine Voisin, Mike Voisin, Steven Voisin, and Marilyn Kilgen.

HPP is a revolutionary process that simultaneously shucks the oyster and reduces the Vibrio bacteria to non-dectable levels without using any heat and does not change the taste and texture of the product.

Seeing is believing. Come visit our facility any time. Get an up close look at what goes into producing our Gold Band Oyster and Perfectly Shucked Oyster Meat products. From planting and harvesting the oyster to delivering the product around the world you’ll see it all and come away better appreciating the effort and care that goes into each package.

A perfect presentation, a No-Shuck preparation, and an extended shelf life are only the beginning of the advantages of HPP oysters.